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National Market Update Fort Myers & Gateway, Florida

Buyer’s purchasing power is increasing across the nation.  That’s great for buyers because it means it’s easier to purchase a home and it’s also great for sellers because it means buyers can qualify for more money.  

Hi we’re Brittany & Houston Mixon with RE/MAX GCL helping buyers and sellers right here in Gateway, Fort Myers, Estero and Cape Coral buy and sell their perfect home. 

Recently,  First American did a report showing that home prices are up by +5.7 percent

which would have a negative effect on buyers purchasing power, roughly $21,300, however, Mortgage rates are down .85% which actually means a buyer purchasing power would go up by $40,200. 

Also, wages are up by 1.5%.  So if you take all of these numbers into consideration that means that a buyer’s purchasing power is actually up by $24,500.

This is great news, but some people are still feeling a little nervous about buying or selling because of all of the talk of the recession. 

While we know that a recession is coming, check out the study from which shows that Americans choose Real Estate as the safest investment even over a savings account, gold or stocks and bonds.

And don’t forget rental prices continue to go up and owning a home has substantial tax benefits, so reach out to us at and we’ll help you buy your dream home or sell and get you a new one.  

We’re Brittany & Houston Mixon! Mix it up!


Gateway Residents

Gateway has so much to offer! It has plenty of things for everyone to enjoy. From Parks to Golf Course, Restaurants to Breweries. You also can’t forget about all the shopping that is near us! Including the new Publix that sits on Daniels in front of Gateway Blvd.

The new high school, Gateway High School will be an awesome addition to the Gateway Community. It allows more families to come in to receive a great education. Especially to those Gateway residents who currently reside here. Jetblue park and Gartner also bring in residents for us. Being close to the airport and seeing the businesses start to come will only help the value of Gateway even more.

The market in Gateway is doing great. You are starting to see some prices go down but that’s okay. There is a lot of new construction around Gateway that we have to compete against. A majority of homes also need to be remodeled in Gateway so that will affect prices as well. That’s fine though, it just means that its that time. Homes over 10 years old sometimes have to have some extra TLC especially if you want top dollar.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the Gateway area call us today.

Not only do we live in Gateway but we work in Gateway! We care about the community and we would love to help you with your next move!


Fort Myers Residents

One of our favorite things we love to tell people when they consider Fort Myers is how almost any part you live in you are about 20 minutes from everything. Fort Myers is an amazing place to live. There is so much to offer! From Fort Myers Beach to Boston Red Sox training near Gateway.

Fort Myers is constantly growing. New businesses, new construction buildings go up weekly. Top golf will be here soon, as well as some new batting cages off of six mile cypress! Near the airport they also have the Premier Airport Park which sounds like it will be the home of large companies.. possibly Fortune 500 companies ( this is a guess) distribution centers. This is just a quick update on current news in Fort Myers. There is so much to do and some many fun spots to go!

If you need help selling or buying in the Fort Myers area then give the experts a call! Don’t be afraid to Mix It Up! 😉

Brittany & Houston Mixon



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