The Burn Community


I met with local business owners Sydney and Craig of Burn Boot Camp in Fort Myers! Sydney and Craig have a passion for helping others. But if I am being honest my favorite thing about them is their drive to create a community, not just for them, but for everyone else that enters into their gym. They have created a space where others feel comfortable. I can say from past experiences I used to hate working out by myself. I also didn’t like group classes much because I felt the trainers wouldn’t help you or they “yell” at you in a way that made you embarrassed.

Let me make this clear… that is NOT the environment Sydney and Craig have created. I have never been to a place where I feel so encouraged by the trainers as well as the other women working out.  I have also made new friends and truly enjoy working out again. If you haven’t already figured it out… yes, Burn Boot Camp is my new home, they are part of my community.

All About The Owners

I mean seriously y’all…. they are the cutest! Craig and Sydney met while they were students at Clemson University. They dated through college, and then ended up in Fort Myers (which is home for Craig) after graduation because of Craig’s job. They have been married for 2 years and have the two sweetest pups Mac and Miley.

Sydney started out as a trainer in the Burn Boot Camp Naples location in February 2017. A few months in, she knew she wanted a bigger part in the company. Craig has a background in finance and was looking for an investment. The pieces really just fell together, and they knew it was the right fit.

Meet The Trainers

You know when you go to a gym and you are like man… I wonder what the trainers will be like? Will I have a favorite? Are they nice? Will they get to know me?  Are they “good looking” ? <—- yes I said it… we were all thinking it anyways.

Well I will answer that for you.. YES, YES, YES!! I don’t have a favorite.. I love them all! You are probably thinking… yea right Brit, you’re just saying that. Well truthfully I am not. They are all amazing, they all have different styles and of course different personalities. But what I LOVE is that they all took their time to get to know me… I’m not just another face or someone that just walks in and walks out. They care, they took the time to learn who I was and listened to my goals. They are what every gym needs. They are exactly what you need!! 


<—- I mean… come on, they really are the greatest! (Don’t worry this was a promo… the boys don’t always wear pink tanks lol) You really can’t compare them. The beauty is that they all have different training personalities and different personalities in general but they compliment each other.

Sydney, it just amazing! She has a heart of gold and loves what she does. She encourages everyone she comes in contact with. Sydney really knows what she is doing and she is just full of so much joy and energy you can’t help but catch some of it.

Then there is good ole Tim and James. I have been around many male trainers and I usually felt uncomfortable. However with both Tim and James they are super encouraging. I have seen James multiple times finish the last 30 seconds with multiple people. I also appreciate James because he, as well as everyone has gotten to know me and my personality. I’m a jokester and super sarcastic…. I appreciate that James gets that and plays along. Makes 5:30 am seem less daunting… lol


Remember earlier when I mentioned community? Well this picture is the perfect example of what I mean and it explains how everyone in the gym feels about Tim. Tim did a competition for Burn.. (he actually kicked some butt and is going to the finals this week!) Woot Woot!! But… back to what I was saying, Tim competed a few hours away from Fort Myers and there were ladies from the gym who made shirts and went up to support him! Can you find this at another gym that you just walk in and out of? Probably not… Here’s even better news, the same support would be given to all the trainers! The trainers care about us and in return we truly care about them!

Oh and by the way.. if you are wondering Tim is just as equally awesome. He is encouraging, he challenges you and just like the Syd and James he takes the time to get you know you. If it hasn’t stuck yet then I will say it again.. They ALL care!

If you think I forgot Craig I didn’t… see he is what holds it all together. The brain behind the system! Craig may seem quiet… but don’t let him fool you. He has many jokes and amazing ideas when it comes to boomerangs lol! (Inside Joke.. go visit and you will get it too) Craig is usually the first person you see when you walk in and depending what holiday or crazy dress up day Burn has decided to create he is usually pretty creative… meaning that the first thing you feel when you walk in is a smile or a good laugh! Idk about you but at 5:30am or 5:30pm thats exactly what I need.

Still wondering…? 

 If you are still curious and want to know more about Burn then come check it out! They are usually always running a promo or Free trial! If you want to see a familiar face then you are more than welcome to join me at 5:30am… 😉  But if that is too early then don’t worry… going alone is not as bad as you think! You will feel welcomed right away! The ladies who workout with you are just as nice and encouraging. I have made many new friends and that’s because of the environment Sydney and Craig have created. I love Burn and everyone I have met! Don’t wait anymore… just do it! See the link below for camp times and updates on trials or promos! Hope to see you soon!!!

The only thing stopping you is yourself!


Burn Boot Camp Fort Myers, FL